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I have been a huge fan of Terry-Thomas. My earliest memory of seeing him on the screen the very first time was when my father was watching "Its a Mad mad mad world". That was it, I was hooked on to him from then on.

I am a huge movie buff, only Hollywood golden age and Classic brit movies, not the new cgi movies. I have never seen an actor who can match up to the quality of screen presence Terry-Thomas had. His comical timing, his dialogue delivery, the pronounciations of his T's and S's and most importantly, the famous gap :-)

Like many, I was deeply saddend when I saw him in his last years. My heart shed tears for him. A man of such great quality and what one illness done to him. Terry-Thomas was and is irreplaceable, there will never be another like him.
What a fantastic man, comic extraordinaire, actor - good bloke
Always enjoyed his movies. He resonated with me as I also have a "gap" in my front teeth. I was very sorry many years ago when I heard he was penniless and alone. Glad for the Gala concert that helped him in his last years.
Loved Terry Thomas, never forgotten, forever imitated.

Does anybody know if Terry Thomas spent any time in Falmouth in the 1940s? I have just discovered a picture of my Gran with a man my mum says was called Terry Thomas.
Does anybody know if Terry Thomas spent any time in Falmouth in the 1940s? I have just discovered a picture of my Gran with a man my mum says was called Terry Thomas.
Does anybody know if Terry Thomas spent any time in Falmouth (Cornwall) in the 1940s? I have just discovered a photo of my gran with a man my mum remembers as Terry Thomas.
Love T T
One of Britain's finest comedy actors a real legend
These old English actors are few and far between these day. Thorley Walters was my Great Uncle, but sadly I was never to meet him due to ridiculous family governance..
TT was a legend who shall live on forever.

I used to be taken by car or van in 1959-60 to the catholic boys School in Millbourne Lane, Esher where he lived by either Terry Thomas's brother or uncle does anyone know who that might have been?
I also cannot find the Terry Thomas museum in Godalming people say exists?
Never tire of watching his films and TV shows........laughing until the tears wet my face and my stomach aches with delightful spasms of 'pain'. He truly was the embodiment of all that is British and hilariously funny. Undoubtedly.......A STINKER OF THE FIRST ORDER!!!!!!
I love Terry Thomas. I grew up with him though I unfortunately never met him. There is a new restaurant that has just opened called McQueen after the Hollywood actor Steve. If I opened a restaurant it would be called the Terry-Thomas, TT`s you would know exactly what to expect , a gentlemans clubby atmosphere just like the one in Aldwych called Delauneys! Does anyone remember Ray?
Hi all, my late father had this short film (link below) of TT amongst all his home movies. Im 99% sure he took it himself during a visit by TT to one of his army bases.

There are a couple of other people that may be well known in the clip, one female one male. Id love to know if anybody recognises them.

Just finished reading Bounder, TT is a true British icon the likes of whom sadly we will never see again.God bless your memory RIP.
He was a real cool guy, and funny.
Love his moovies they are timeless
Superb, simply superb old chap. What? Eh?
Terry was the archetype of all (Dick) dastardly villains, incompetent buffoons, upper class twits, all the insane and inane aspects of British society. What a superb and ineffably accurate observer of human character he must have been. He will never, never fade in human memory, as long as thought survives.
Watched "It's a mad mad mad mad world" again today. Hence a follow up on the web. His performance in this film is outstanding and brought back many happy memories of my younger days, when TT always seemed to be in the thick of outstandingly good British Films. Thank you TT.
Loved his films through childhood to adulthood. Now in my 40's and think this man was brilliant. Love his comedy !
A part of my childhood, T-T epitomises all that was good about 20th century Britain. I miss him and his ilk.
It is wonderful that there is a Terry - Thomas fellowship, my brother and I became complete T T nuts after seeing him 'I'm alright Jack' in our teens. That was a few years after Terry had died. He shown out in those Ealing comedies more than anyone, to me. All the very best of British luck to all the Terry fans everywhere and I shall keep in touch with this great sight, Love Geoff Hatt
Great great English institution and whoever can forget the acting chemistry between TT and Richard Wattis in Liberache Show, St Trinians and Green Man.

I wrote about Richard Wattis from 2003 - 2005.

Best Wishes to all TT fans.

IAN [elandimpayne@uwclub.net].
Terry's performance in the restaurant scene in 'school for scoundrels' is a work of pure genius... He was the original bounder on screen and by all accounts a generous and splendidly eccentric gentleman off it.
Hello, hello, hello!!!
a wonderful warm and charming actor / comedian.my four year old finds him very funny. Its somewhat of a shame our British health service could not support him in later life. I hope things are better now.
As a child growing up my father always taught us Chivalry and manners along with the most important thing of all a brilliant sense of humour. So together we would always watch good comedy films such as Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines and Monte Carlo or Bust! I loved Terry-Thomas as he was such a brilliant character actor and played the cad so well. The best fun was always watching him getting his come uppence. Even in the 21st Century his films are amazing. Oh and just in case anybody thinks I am really old, I am actually only 45 going on 16 still. Mat the great man R.I.P.
Hi All

I would love to meet up with the family, my reationship with TT was he was my 2nd cousin.
As kids, my parents would take us to the Cow Shed, Queensgate Mews, Kensington where we would play with Trumper and Cusharn.(forgive the spelling) and then out for tea.

Terry Thomas was my grandmother Audrey Stevens uncle.i am trying to find contact details for tiger and cushan.if there is any one out there with information,it will be appreciated.
Always enjoyed his type of character roles in films that are so nonexistant in most quality films of today with their rampant mindless CGI effects. He was at his best in 'Mad Mad Mad Mad World'. I heard that he use to frequent the famous english pub and dinner room in Santa Monica Ca...'The Kings Head'. While going there many times for dinner (and I enjoyed the food) I never saw any stars of his quality at the bar. RIP terry. I only wish my on screen roles could be one tenth of the quality of yours.
awesome actor and truly missed...rest dear friend.
My grandfather, Albert Edward Stevens, was Terry's uncle, therefore he was my mother's first cousin. The family always refered to him as Tom. I grew up wishing that I could get to know him, he was so delishly devilish, but he never made his way to Canada. I very much enjoyed reading the information on your web page, thank you for taking the time to present it.
My grandfather, Albert Edward Stevens, was Terry's uncle, therefore he was my mother's first cousin. The family always refered to him as Tom. I grew up wishing that I could get to know him, he was so delishly devilish!
God how i miss the greatest Actors and actresses from small and large screen also the crew behind the making of the worlds best films.
Terry Thomas sums up everything that made Britain a world leader for believable roles, just sheer enjoyment to watch. How i wish more of you all were here today.
From Julian Hill, myself and the rest of PG Wodehouse Gold Bats CC can we say we are huge fans of Terry Thomas and his love of life and fun. Eccentrics such as he are now fast becoming a rare breed. Long may they continue,

Love to all his fans world-wide,

Bob Miller
Very well done and a brilliant idea!
Happy birthday memories of the delightful man my husband and I met in Hyde Park, way back in 1956. We were riding a Vincent Black Shadow - Terry-Thomas a horse, and, when my husband honked the horn, Terry challenged us to a "race" to Marble Arch! Wish we'd had "instant" cameras back in those days - didn't get a picture, but the memory is still strong.
I don't think T-T knew how not to smile and laugh.

Many thanks for your wonderful story about Terry. Good show!!
Knew his Wife from Long Grove in Epsom.Met Tiger and Cusion.Barbara Winsor was at his funeral.Loved by many Friends of the Stage
He created a magical world of sports cars,adventure & great fun. And you felt inside he was a nice fella despite being a cad! lol
I say good show!! Fantastic tribute to the late, great T-T!!


My father has just passed away and whilst looking at old photos found a signed one of him with Terry Thomas and another gentleman in Aman when he was entertaining the troops. Would love to know who the other gentleman was. This was in 1951. My email address is janicephillips61@hotmail.co.uk if anyone would like to take a look.

Best wishes
I say chaps - looking forward to the Ding Dong tour to St Anton next week!
We formed a TT appreciation society back in 1998 with half a dozen founder members and many more guests. Fly out to various cities (New York, Budapest, Krackow, Stockholm etc) and celebrate the life and times of TT over a slap-up lunch. Full TT regalia obligatory of course, right down to the gap in the tooth. The next lunch is scheduled for Friday 16th in St Anton - 16 TT afficionados all "Terry-ed to the hilt"
Just found out that TT is a fith cousin once removed, WOW!!!!!

Gonna look at his stuff.
Much missed...
A truly masterful, charismatic cad..... A fabulous actor... Great comic timing... A true gent... So, so, sorely missed... But forever remembered. Thank you for the memories..... Will never forget you... Lisa x
great actor enjoyed all terrys film what a bounder
I came aware of Terry -Thomas,i,m 15,when my dad purchased a 1970 Rover p5 3500 coupe that had been ordered from Hooper Coachbuilders by Terry.Special colour combination in interior along with drinks tables in rear of seats,.blue and cream..
Dad and me took every nut bolt washer of the car and is now as good as when Terry ordered it..Great knowing Mr T Thomas ,boundered about in my dads car.
What a great personality.
What a wonderful talent and comedian he was .... they certainly don't make them like that any more; the perfect, loveable rogue and masterful cad. Sadly missed
Absolute born genius. does anyone know how to obtain a script for 'its in the bag' performed at the duke of york theatre alond with richard briers? any help appreciated. tnapierraikes@yahoo.co.uk
wonderfull actor ' the older i get the more the value i place on what we had and what trash we suffer today.